The ReBalance Programme

What is it?

The ReBalance Programme isn‘t an ideological, impractical or difficult to use intervention. It is a simple, practical, effective programme that can be used by teaching and support staff. AND it works!

Training to use the ReBalance Programme is in-house as one full day or two consecutive after-school sessions, to fit in with your busy schedule. Teachers, SEN Specialists, Pastoral and other support staff can all learn how to use ReBalance effectively.

It’s a series of CBT activities that can be used singularly or together in a programme of intervention, to provide first and second wave support for mental health in schools. Each exercise has a primary and secondary format so is suitable for all ages. Contact us now for an e-brochure giving more information or call us for a chat. We are happy to put you in touch with settings currently using ReBalance.

“...The ReBalance Programme has really helped our understanding of our students. It is great how something so simple can effect positive change in them...”
- Specialist Unit

Programme Objectives

The ReBalance Programme has been designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to support the mental well-being of your students. By being able to do this, you will teach students life-long techniques to manage their worries and concerns - resilience in DfE parlance. The ReBalance Programme delivers cost-effective 1st and 2nd wave mental health support in-school. It reduces the need for costly external agency/professional support for students. By changing student negative thought/behaviour patterns, students will be better prepared to learn.

“...Being able to provide information to parents on how to support their child is such a valuable extra...”
- Independent School

What‘s different about it?

  • it works
  • it‘s simple
  • it can be used by teaching OR support staff
  • it‘s been written by a CBT counsellor, who spent many years as a school SENCo
  • it uses proven CBT techniques
  • it can be tailored for students’ individual needs
  • it can be used with groups
  • staff receive professional Mental Health CBT as part of the programme training
  • it is completely adaptable to fit in with your requirements and your setting

How do I know it’s going to work?

The ReBalance Programme is being used nationwide already - by leading independent schools, academy trusts, state schools and specialist units. Their feedback and cooperation has been a significant factor in the continuing development of new activities and resources.

CBT is internationally recognised and accepted by NICE and the DfE as a very effective treatment strategy for children and adolescents, as well as adults.

“...I feel as if something has shifted inside of me...”
- A student

Why is it so good?

The ReBalance Programme has been written by an experienced ex-SENCo, and a qualified CBT Therapist, who understand the difficulties of supporting mental health in schools. She saw the need for simple but effective mental health tools that are suitable to be used by school staff. ReBalance is written to be adaptable and flexible to work in your environment and help you to make a real difference to your students.

Also, the ReBalance Programme uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is one of the most widely used and successful therapeutic interventions. CBT is recommended by the NHS and DfE for use in schools.

What does the training cover?

We will show you how the brain works and help you to understand why students think and behave the way that they do. You will also be able to recognise the symptoms of the most common adolescent mental health issues.

You will learn what Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is and how effective it is within education. You will also be able to confidently use the ReBalance activities and resources with students to achieve the maximum benefit. You will have the knowledge and confidence to develop your own programmes and pathways for individuals and groups in your school.

“...The ReBalance training and activities also help me with my own mental well-being.. .”
- Secondary School Teacher

How do you get trained?

As we mentioned before, we’d be delighted to come to your school or college and train you in person, or staff can train online at their own pace. One of our excellent trainers (Sam wherever possible) will come to your school and train you - over one day or two consecutive after-school inset sessions. It’s usually a lot of fun, and we get excellent feedback. Most importantly, all of our trainees feel enthused and well prepared to start making use of the programme.

Alternatively, Sam the programme author, has recorded the training so that you can train using our VLE. This can be completed over several days, in several sittings, and offers more flexibility for you to train when and where it suits you. And you’ll still get the full, unique ‘Sam’ experience too...

For both training methods, there is a short post-training assessment to ensure you’re ready to go!

“...The staff that finished the online training, absolutely loved it... and the resources are fantastic... .”
- SEN Coordinator

What else do I get?

The short answer is lots!

You’ll get information sheets for parents and staff on the most common issues - exam anxiety for example. You’ll also get a series of questionnaires to assess for potential mental health issues which can also be used as evaluation tools. You’ll get a big discount when you need more staff to complete the ReBalance training because we understand staff changes take place.

We’ll update the pool of activities and resources with new ones where there is an identified need, along with updating the existing ones regularly. You’ll have access to them all - whether they’re written for your school or another.

You’ll get e-mail support from our trainers and regular updates and information via the ReBalance newsletter.

“...It made us rethink our whole approach to exams which has only been positive for all our students...”
- State School

So how much?

For access to the ReBalance Programme resources and activities and full training in how to best utilise the programme, as well as continuing support from our experts and updates to the resources when they become available(1) :-

Face-to-face training where we will come to your school or college and train up to 10 of your staff:


E-training using our VLE for 10 staff:


For each additional e-Delegate:


(1): Subject to EULA terms and conditions
(*): On-site training for International Schools will incur additional travel and accommodation costs so please contact us to discuss this before booking .