As a school who has been accredited with the Well-being in Schools Award, we needed to use the best CBT programme out there. After lots of research, it was evident that ReBalance was the most superior.

We successfully use it as a six-week intervention for those children who need support with their mental health. Children who have completed the programme evidence being much happier, more resilient, better attenders and therefore achieve better academically.

ReBalance fully supports our vision that “A healthy mind, is the greatest treasure to find!”

The school have a brilliant video they have produced about their approach to mental health which you can find on their YouTube channel.

- R Egbulonu, Deputy Headteacher, Central Park Primary School

Evaluation Study Data:

Staff used a single ReBalance Activity in a pastoral ‘emergency’ 63 times. 90.5% of those ‘conversations’ had a positive outcome. Staff reported that students were able to learn the techniques for themselves and use as a self-regulation tool.
Secondary Autumn 2018

A primary school reported that it used the Attendance programme with 4 Year 5 and 6 students with poor attendance. 3 of the 4 students attendance drastically improved to over 90%
Primary Spring 2018

A secondary school ran the Exam Anxiety programme with 30 students. Reported that all but 1 student completed the programme. All students who completed the programme sat their exams in the main room with everyone else.
Secondary Summer 2016

“The Government Green paper: Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision 2017 sets out the direction of travel for future service provision including the role of schools in providing tier 1 and tier 2 support. The scale of the task is huge and the responsibility daunting.

Good schools already have developed systems of support and routes of referral but of course there is always more that can and should be done.

The decision to purchase the Rebalance programme and invest in training ten members of staff from across the school has been without doubt once of the most significant this year. Staff have described the training as some of the best CPD they have ever attended and the programme is being used by a number of staff on a daily basis.

In my work as a SENco, to be able to have a ready-made resource to help structure a conversation and then to be able to follow up with a variety of tailored activities has been invaluable. To see students make the connection between their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and consequences and to see them begin, often for the first time to consider that change is possible is immensely encouraging.

I would highly recommend this programme to all schools.”

- A White, SENCo Danes Educational Trust

“...for older kids who struggle, I can run ReBalance in small groups as I have been doing over the last term. One of the things I like about your programme is it‘s flexibility; say if I only have 4 or 5 sessions with some students, I might pick the most suitable activities for them while trying to keep the suggested order...”

“...the training materials are excellent...”

- Steve J., BIS Ho Chi Minh City

“We have been doing the exercises and using the resources with our learners and they have had a good response. The groups who are doing it are really enjoying it and engaging in the process. The short focused tasks are easy for them to do and the visualisation is working very well.

In fact one parent commented on how at breakfast she told her daughter ‘...it‘s no good shutting your eyes to the world and pretending the exams aren’t happening, because they are!’ Her daughter responded ’...be quiet mum, I am doing my visualisation and you’re putting me off.’ She is going to use the exam timetable to keep a calm house from now on. So, an excellent result and it is all down to your training.

We also observed the learners who had done the exam anxiety course going into exams and they looked calmer, appeared less anxious and didn’t show as many nerves as those who hadn’t done it. Next year we are going to roll it out to tutors so they can do it with their own tutor group if they wish.”

- Sarah D., Large North Yorkshire Secondary School

“Just thought you would like to know and share with other subscribers to your excellent resource‘s how effective they can be.

This year we have used them more than ever, in order to support two of our learners through the bereavement of a parent. The whole group have found them helpful as they have opened up lines of discussion that needed to be addressed and given us a better insight of how as staff and learners we can help with anxieties when they occur.

We are just about to do trial exams and the learners themselves have asked ‘does Sam have anything that will help?’ I think this says all that needs to be said really.”

- Claire D., Specialist Provision, Whitby

“The programme worked exceptionally well in getting students to look at how they could make simple changes to their day-to-day lives, that would help them deal with their depression and/or anxiety.

They seemed able to better understand what was happening to them, and why, by the end of it. They were also much more aware of their own symptoms and signs and were able to use the tools they learned from the programme to help themselves.”

- Katie P., Large South Devon Secondary School

“When I started working as an Exam Officer it was evident that students taking exams needed some further support to help them manage the stress and anxiety related to exams. We were lucky to find Sam‘s wonderful Re-Balance programme. Since then we have gone from strength to strength with the programme. We have adapted it to meet our needs and annually review what we deliver to our students.

We have been able to incorporate some of the work we do with our students such as support with self esteem and revision skills. The former is now available from the Re-Balance programme which is excellent. The impact of being able to offer support to students has proven to be very beneficial and the impact is very clear to see. It is an invaluable resource and I would highly recommend this programme.”

- Mrs T Ward, St. Albans Girls School

“The training is amazing and we have trained more staff to incorporate the programme into our Wellbeing Programme.”

- Vicki R., Private School, Berkshire