Education Staff Mental Health Programme

We know that those schools using our individual CBT programmes are feeling the benefits - well their students are. So why don't we have something for the staff to benefit from too?

Good news! We do! After trialling our Staff Mental Well-Being programme with numerous schools and teachers, we've refined and honed it and it's being released in to the wild very soon.

The programme is designed and crafted to help teachers and school staff to benefit from the same care and thoughtfulness that makes the Student programmes so successful. So why not help your staff AND your students get the same great CBT benefits, all for a one-time fee?

The CBT4Schools Staff Mental Well-Being programme is a buy once - use forever programme of CBT tools that will help your staff to look after themselves. The site licensing means that you pay one flat-fee and all employed staff at your setting can get some pro-active mental health care from you.